Hyperwall Power Playlist - Earth Science Focus

  • Released Monday, August 28th, 2023
  • Updated Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 at 12:00AM


This is a collection of our most powerful, newsworthy, and frequently used Hyperwall-ready visualizations, along with several that haven't gotten the attention they deserve. They're especially great for more general or top-level science talks, or to "set the scene" before a deep dive into a more focused subject or dataset. We've tried to cover the subject areas our speakers focus on most.

If you're not seeing what you're looking for, there is a huge library of visualizations more localized or specialized in subject - please use the Search function above, and filter "Result type" for "Hyperwall Visual."

If you'd like to use one of these visualizations in your Hyperwall presentation, we'll need the ID number overlaid on the preview image (for example "30998" on the SMD fleet graphic below) or the page link, and if there are multiple items, which one you want (i.e. "the third movie down"). Please check our Hyperwall How-To Guide for tips on designing your Hyperwall presentation, file specifications, and Powerpoint/Keynote templates.

Science Mission Directorate

Visualizations that cross divisions

General Earth Science

Covering broad areas of Earth Science

Earth Information Center (EIC)

Dashboards from the EIC adapted for the traveling hyperwall. Many incorporate live, regularly updated data, and will require network access to be used at an event; also, a gallery showing the full dashboards and all the individual elements


2023 Annular Eclipse, 2024 Total Eclipse, and beyond

Observations vs. Models

Visualizations demonstrating how NASA uses actual observed data to build computer models

Greenhouse Gases

Aerosol visualizations that are more related to Climate Change

Air Quality and Composition

Aerosol visualizations more related to air quality and pollutants

Antarctic Ozone Hole

It's getting better...

Wildfires and Smoke

Tracking the coverage, damage, and carry-on effects

Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics

Hurricanes, precipitation, and related phenomena such as clouds, lightning, and winds

GPM Hurricane and Typhoon Passes

Use the Search function above for many more

Other Natural Hazards and Disasters

NASA's work in predicting and tracking various natural hazards and assisting disaster response

Biosphere and Soil Moisture

Global and regional measures of ground water and vegetation both land and sea


The effects of climate change on agriculture

Environment and Disease

Measures of environmental-related disease vectors

Climate Variability and Change Indicators

Measures of the changing climate from global temperatures to sea level rise and beyond


The Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctica

Oceans and Sea Level Rise

Tracking changes in the oceans and sea level

Earth's Changing Surface Over Time

Small areas showing big changes over the years, especially with Landsat

International Space Station

Measurements from the ISS and astronaut photography

Airborne and Balloon Program

NASA's airborne fleet and experiments