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  • Released Friday, July 15, 2016
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NASA scientists chatted about the new FRONTIER FIELD image from the Hubble Space Telescope that takes us to the very edge of space and time. This is one of Hubble’s deepest views yet of the universe. There are thousands of galaxies in this image, each teeming with billions of stars, home to many strange distant worlds. Just as Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise have stretched our imagination for the last 50 years, for a quarter century Hubble has turned science fiction into science fact.

Hubble’s Frontier Fields program uses the power of massive galaxy clusters deep in space. The gravity of these clusters is so massive that it distorts and magnifies the light around it, allowing us to see the very faint light of the distant galaxies behind it.

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Suggested Questions:

For more than a quarter century, Hubble has inspired generations of people around the world with its views of the universe. Can you show us the new "Frontier Field" image?

So this image is literally taking us back to the very edge of space and time. How is this image helping us explore the final frontier?

Star Trek has stretched our imagination for 50 years. The Starship Enterprise (and its successors) explored hundreds of strange new worlds. How does Hubble compare in seeking out life and new civilizations?

Star Trek helped us imagine many wonders out there in the Final Frontier. What are some of the wildest things Hubble has seen?

Where can we learn more?

Can you #SpotHubble in everyday life?

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Interview with NASA Senior Hubble Scientist Dr. Jennifer Wiseman. Transition of text is included. Soundbites are separated by a slate. TRT: 6:21

Questions include:

1. Tell us about the new Frontier Field image

2. How is this image helping us explore the final frontier?

3. How does Hubble compar in seeking out life and new civilizations?

4. What are some of the coolest things Hubble has seen?

5. How has science fiction like Star Trek inspired you?

6. Where can we see more of Hubble's images?

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