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IRIS views Nano-Flares on the Sun

Nanoflares, energy releases powered by small magnetic reconnection events in the solar coronal loops, have long been hypothesized as one of the sources for heating the solar corona to million-degree temperatures. Much of the evidence for this has been indirect, and difficult to distinguish from other hypothesized mechanisms.

In these visualizations, we present observational evidence of the IRIS imager detecting nanoflares in a coronal loop. In the IRIS imager, overlaid on AIA 304 angstrom imagery, the events stand out as jet-like protrusions roughly perpendicular to the curve of the coronal loop.

In this data, we see several strong nano-flare events near the 14:43 timestamp.

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Visualization Credits

Tom Bridgman (GST): Lead Visualizer
Patrick Antolin (Northumbria University): Scientist
Joy Ng (USRA): Lead Producer
Laurence Schuler (ADNET): Technical Support
Ian Jones (ADNET): Technical Support
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NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

Science Paper:
Reconnection Nanojets in the Solar Corona

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IRIS: Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph

Data Used:
SDO/AIA/304 Filter also referred to as: AIA 304
JOINT SCIENCE OPERATIONS CENTER - 2014-04-03T12:34UT - 2014-04-03T14:53UT
SDO/AIA/171 Filter also referred to as: AIA 171
JOINT SCIENCE OPERATIONS CENTER - 2014-04-03T12:34UT - 2014-04-03T14:53UT
IRIS/Imager/SJI also referred to as: Slit-Jaw Imager
Observed Data - LMSAL - 2014-04-03T13:16UT - 2014-04-03T14:53UT
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