Transcripts of 14149_Black_Hole_Orrery_FINAL_1080

[00:00:00.00] [Music throughout]
[00:00:04.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: 22 nearby black hole systems appear to scale]
[00:00:08.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Each system has a star and a black hole]
[00:00:12.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Which appears at the center of a cloudy disk]
[00:00:20.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Pop-up of system MAXI J1659]
[00:00:24.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Fastest-known orbit of an accreting black hole]
[00:00:28.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: 29,000 light-years away, 2.4 hours to orbit, 5-solar-mass black hole]
[00:00:32.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Pop-up of system A0620-00]
[00:00:36.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Closest-known accreting black hole system]
[00:00:40.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: 3,300 light-years away, 7.8 hours to orbit, 6.6-solar-mass black hole]
[00:00:44.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Pop-up of system Cygnus X-1]
[00:00:48.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: First confirmed black hole, 7,200 light-years away]
[00:00:52.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: 5.6 days to orbit, 21-solar-mass black hole, 40-solar-mass companion star]
[00:01:00.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Pop-up of system GRS 1915]
[00:01:04.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Widest-known accreting black hole system, 8,200 light-years away]
[00:01:08.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: 33.5 days to orbit, 15-solar-mass black hole]
[00:01:16.00] [SCENE DESCRIPTION: Large binaries orbit at slower speeds than small ones]
[00:01:28.00] NASA
[00:01:32.00] NASA