TRMM in Orbit

TRMM orbital path
Close up of TRMM
TRMM data sweep pattern
TRMM Orbital Path Close Up of TRMM TRMM Data Sweep

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
Launch date: 11-27-97 from Tanegashima Space Center at 4:27 PM EST.
Investigator: Dr. Christian Kummerow
Code: 912, Laboratory for Atmospheres Division, Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch

These pictures simulate TRMM revealing the internal structure of storms. Prior to TRMM, we could only get such information after the storms - a mature hurricane in this particular example, made landfall. This information will help us to better understand and predict storm systems as they form and intensify over open ocean regions.

These images are from animations created by Greg Shirah, SVS.

Mission Purpose: The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) is a joint mission between NASA and the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan designed to measure tropical rainfall and give us new information on the hydrological cycle. TRMM will also increase our understanding of the climate system and the tropical radiation budget. TRMM will begin the process of understanding the interactions between water vapor, clouds and precipitation which are central to regulating the climate system.