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Goddard TV Video Tape: G2015-015 -- Arctic Long Swath



The Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 acquired this unbroken swath of images on June 21, 2014—the summer solstice—when the Sun stays above the horizon of the Arctic for at least 24 hours. While much of the region is still frozen in June, the ice is in various stages of melting.   For complete transcript, click  here .  Watch this video on the  NASA Earth Observatory YouTube channel .    Music:  Thin Ice Mining by Chris Constantinou [PRS], Paul Frazer [PRS]  Melting Glacier by Chris Constantinou [PRS], Paul Frazer [PRS]  Undiscovered Oceans by Aaron Yeddidia [BMI], Chris Lang [BMI], Eric Cunningham [BMI]  Another Sleep by Chris Constantinou [PRS], Paul Frazer [PRS] Landsat 8 Crosses the Arctic