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Goddard TV Video Tape: G2007-011HD -- GLAST Pre-Launch Resource Tape



This animation begins with a Delta rocket launch. Once the vehicle reaches orbit, the satellite deploys into its final configuration. GLAST Launch and Deployment
This animation shows a gamma ray (purple) entering a corner tower of the Tracker. After the electron (red) and positron (blue) cascade down the tower, their incoming paths (red/blue) combine to show the original path (purple) of the incoming gamma ray that created them. Fermi's LAT Instrument
This  beauty shot shows an over-the-shoulder view of the spacecraft. GLAST's New Window on the Universe
This beauty shot provides a 360-degree view of the spacecraft without a simulated gamma ray sky. 360 Degrees of GLAST
This beauty shot begins with the earth in full view and pans to reveal the spacecraft in orbit. The GLAST (Fermi) Spacecraft in Orbit
This animation shows a high-energy photon (blue coil) colliding with a free electron (red ball), which causes the release of a gamma-ray (purple flash). Gamma Ray Creation
Selected soundbites with Steve Ritz, GLAST Project Scientist (NASA/GSFC) GLAST Soundbites
This edited music video shows the launch and deploy of GLAST, and the spacecraft in orbit. It ends with the website for GLAST: GLAST Promo Video
This footage shows the LAT instrument arriving on September 18, 2006. GLAST LAT Integration - B-Roll
This footage shows the LAT instrument in the cleanroom at the NRL. GLAST LAT Testing - B-Roll
A frame from the movie.  Notice that some sources visible in the first frame are no longer visible and some new sources have appeared. Simulations of the Gamma-Ray Sky