How do I get material to share in my classroom from this site?

  • Search to find different types of multimedia:
    • Data visualizations are images or movies created from in-situ or satellite data. Created by the Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS).
    • Conceptual animations are scientifically accurate images or movies that do not include data. Created by the Conceptual Image Lab (CI Lab).
    • Video footage filmed by the Goddard Media Studios (GMS).
    • Finished productions that incorporate data visualizations, conceptual animations and video footage together. Created by GMS.
  • Filter your search results to narrow down.

  • image shows the filter button on our search results page in the upper right corner.

    image shows the filter bar on the right side of our search results page.

  • Clear your search values to broaden your search.

  • image shows the clear all button to clear the search parameters in the upper left corner of the search results page.

  • Once you get to an item of interest, you can
    • learn about it by reading the description and captions
    • look at it by playing the movie in the page
    • load it onto your computer by clicking the download button
  • Other items of interest on the site:
  • The Galleries consists of topical collections of curated multimedia.
  • The For Educators section has:
    • annotated visualizations for introducing new science topics to students
    • non-annotated visualizations for encouraging student questioning and conversation
    • K-12 lesson plans

Other NASA sites with images, movies or lesson plans: