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Video Visions of the Future

At NASA, our mission is to explore. We visit destinations in our solar system and study worlds beyond to better understand big questions. How did we get here? Where are we headed? Are we alone?

While our robotic explorers have toured our solar system, the only place beyond Earth where humans have stood is the Moon. That’s also the next place we’ll send astronauts. But not the last! While humans haven’t yet visited Mars, we’re planning to add boot prints to the rover tire tracks there now.

We also dream of traveling to distant worlds, and what they might be like. This video shows fanciful, imagined adventures to real places we’ve studied. Inspired by a series of travel posters produced by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, NASA Goddard video maven Chris Smith employed green screens and computer graphics to bring these scenes to life.


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Chris Smith (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Lead Producer
Chris Smith (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Lead Animator
Chris Smith (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Videographer
Chris Smith (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Editor
Francis Reddy (University of Maryland College Park): Science Writer
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