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Episode 3: Time Machines (Hubble – Eye in the Sky miniseries)

Episode 3: Time Machines – Hubble has looked back billions of years in time to see some of the earliest galaxies in their infancy, and it has fundamentally changed what we know about the universe itself. Find out from Nobel Laureate John Mather and Hubble Senior Project Scientist Jennifer Wiseman how Hubble will work with the future James Webb Space Telescope to revolutionize our understanding of the universe even further.

This series, Hubble – Eye in the Sky, takes you behind the scenes into the world of Hubble Space Telescope operations. Discover the strategies needed to run a bus-sized observatory as it speeds around Earth at 17,000 miles per hour, and find out how Hubble collects the incredible images and groundbreaking data that have transformed humanity’s vision of space. Witness the ingenuity that keeps such a complex and remote machine working to investigate the mysteries of the universe for more than 30 years.

For more information, visit https://nasa.gov/hubble.

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
European Space Agency
Space Telescope Science Institute

The Machines — Richard Canavan
Counting The Stars — Patrick Rundblad
Wonderful Places — Mocha Music
Fallen Dynasty — Evan MacDonald
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James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Director
James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Producer
James Leigh (Origin Films): Lead Editor
James Ball (Origin Films): Director of Photography
Matthew Duncan (Origin Films): Additional Photography, Coloring & Mix
Alex Jennings (Origin Films): Sound Recordist
Lucy Lund (Origin Films): Production & Edit Assistant
Martin Kornmesser (ESA): Visualizer
Lynn Bassford (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company): Support
Maureen Disharoon (ASRC Federal System Solutions): Support
James Jeletic (NASA/GSFC): Support
Jeannine Kashif (ASRC Federal System Solutions): Support
Erin Kisliuk (TRAX International): Support
Paul R. Morris (USRA): Support
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