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Hubble Archive - Servicing Mission 2, STS-82

After a successful first mission to correct Hubble’s vision in 1993, a second Servicing Mission (STS-82) was launched to the space telescope in February 1997. The goal of this 10-day operation was to enhance Hubble’s scientific capabilities for discovery by conducting a number of maintenance tasks and refurbishing the existing systems.

The crew took more than 150 other crew aids and tools on this mission. They ranged from a simple bag for carrying some of the smaller tools to sophisticated, battery-operated power tools.

A seven-member crew took part in this mission. Four astronauts conducted the planned spacewalks: Mark Lee, Gregory Harbaugh, Steven Smith and Joseph Tanner were part of the extravehicular activity crew. Kenneth Bowersox was the commander, Scott Horowitz was the pilot, and Steven Hawley was the Remote Manipulator System Operator.



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