NASA Earth Science Subject Matter Experts Interviews

  • Released Monday, March 25, 2024

NASA subject matter experts answering commonly asked questions pertaining to Earth Science.

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Interview Questions:

What is Atmospheric Chemistry?

Why does NASA study Atmospheric Chemistry?

What are greenhouse gasses?

Which greenhouse gasses are most influenced by human activity?

How does methane impact climate change?

How does methane impact climate change?

How does carbon dioxide impact global temperature?

Why does our global temperature record start in the 1880s?

How do trace gasses influence global temperatures?

How do we see heat expressed across the globe?

What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

Once we reach net zero, how long until the effects of climate change stop?

How do we know that warming is human-caused?

What is modeling?

What are the components that make up a reliable model?

How has modeling technology advanced?

How do scientists validate models?

How do scientists want to advance models in the future?

Why is it still cold in my area when scientist say the globe is warming?

Do you feel hopeful about the future of our planet?

Dr. Kate Calvin, NASA's Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Advisor, answers some of the top questions pertaining to NASA's temperature record and our changing climate.

Complete transcript available.

Interview Quetions:

What does NASA’s global temperature data tell us?

Why is this significant?

What impacts are we seeing?

The temperature changes don’t seem that significant, why does it matter?

How does NASA study the Earth?

What is the relationship between our oceans and global temperatures?

What is the sun’s role in global temperatures?

What is El Niño and what is it’s role in informing the climate?

How do we know what we know?

How does NASA measure global temperatures?

Are human activities causing global temperature increases?

Is there hope?

Will every year be a record breaker going forward?


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