Different Ways to Safely View a Solar Eclipse

  • Released Monday, February 26, 2024

Do you know how to safely view a solar eclipse? There are more ways than one!

To protect your eyes while looking at a solar eclipse, always use proper eye protection for solar viewing – such as solar viewing glasses (often called “eclipse glasses”) or a handheld solar viewer – when any part of the bright solar disk is visible.

To use telescopes or binoculars to look directly at the Sun, you must install a certified solar filter to the front of the instrument.

Don’t have eclipse glasses or other equipment? You can use an indirect viewing method to project sunlight onto another surface and see the shape of the Sun throughout the eclipse. There are many ways you can do this from using materials around your house, tree leaves, or even your hands.

To learn more about solar eclipse safety, visit: https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2024/safety/


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