Then and Now – Hubble’s Servicing Mission 1 (Ken Bowersox)

  • Released Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Dive into the cosmic journey of astronaut Ken Bowersox, a key player in the success of Hubble's Servicing Mission 1. Bowersox shares firsthand accounts of the mission's challenges and groundbreaking strategies that revitalized the Hubble Space Telescope, setting the stage for future missions.

Explore the transformative impact of the team’s contributions during Servicing Mission 1, where innovative solutions and astronaut expertise overcame obstacles, enhancing Hubble's capabilities. Uncover the enduring legacy of the team and the ripple effect of Servicing Mission 1 on future missions and the International Space Station (ISS).

Join us on an exploration of cosmic achievements that continue to inspire wonder, showcasing the collective ingenuity and dedication that paved the way for new frontiers in space exploration.

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