Earth Information Center Media B-Roll

  • Released Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Earth Information Center is a physical and virtual space that showcases NASA Earth information and how our partners and everyday people use Earth observations to solve our planet’s most pressing issues.

It provides a view of our home planet down to local neighborhoods, from outer space. It shows how our planet is changing and provides easy-to-use information and resources we need to mitigate, adapt, and respond to climate change.

The Earth Information Center at NASA’s headquarters building is a physical space that includes various parts: an Earth Pulse sculpture of lights showing NASA Earth data, a Hyperwall that showcases awe-inspiring visualizations and stories told by people using NASA Earth data, the Space for Earth immersive experience surrounding you with science, and an Eyes on Earth interactive kiosk.

Images of the June 21, 2023 ribbon cutting ceremony can be found on the NASA Flickr account

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