Hubble Spots Comet Near Jupiter

  • Released Thursday, February 25, 2021

After traveling several billion miles toward the Sun, a wayward young comet-like object orbiting among the giant planets has found a temporary parking place along the way.

The object has settled near a family of captured ancient asteroids, called Trojans, that are orbiting the Sun alongside Jupiter. This is the first time a comet-like object has been spotted near the Trojan population.

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Additional Visualizations:
Jupiter orbit with Trojan Asteroids: Kel Elkins
Jupiter orbit with Trojan Asteroids: Ernie Wright
Kupier Belt Visualization: Scott Wiessinger
Jupiter’s Wake Visualization: Dan Gallagher

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"Infinity" by Axel Tenner [GEMA], Michael Schluecker [GEMA], and Raphael Schalz [GEMA] via Ed.Berlin Production Music / Universal Production Music GmbH [GEMA] and Universal Production Music.

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