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The GLOBE Program Celebrates 25 Years

GLOBE, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, is an international program that not only engages students and interested members of the public in hands-on science, but gives them the opportunity to contribute their observations to a collective database used by other students, scientists and researchers.
“One of the reasons the science community started looking to students and to citizen scientists for the collection of data was because there just weren’t enough scientists to collect data from every single place around the world,” said Tony Murphy, GLOBE Implementation Office Director. ”To date, participants in the GLOBE program have used our scientist-developed protocols to contribute nearly 200 million Earth science observations.”
Those observations span the entire Earth system – from the air we breathe to the soil beneath our feet. GLOBE offers two paths for participation: one for students in the educational setting, the other for people of all ages interested in contributing.

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Liz Wilk (USRA): Lead Producer
Natasha Hope (U.S. Coast Guard): Interviewee
Esprit Smith (KBR): Lead Science Writer
Ellen T. Gray (ADNET): Lead Science Writer
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