Earth Day 2019 Live Shots

  • Released Monday, April 15, 2019

Celebrate Earth Day With NASA

Use the hashtag #PictureEarth and share the beauty of Earth

When you think of NASA you might be picturing astronauts, images of Jupiter and far-away galaxies, basically everything beyond our planet. But did you know that one of NASA’s biggest fields of study is our home, Earth?

Of all the planets that NASA studies, none have matched the complexity of Earth. For 50 years, NASA has been sharing images of Earth that have changed our views of the planet. From the deep blue oceans to the many colors of the aurora and Earth’s vast landscapes.

This Earth Day, NASA invites you to celebrate the planet we call home with a world-wide #PictureEarth social media event. Take a photo of the nature around you and share it on your social media accounts using the hashtag #PictureEarth.

Join NASA scientists on 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 19 to find out how your viewers can join the fun and learn more about our interesting/unique/strange home.

NASA has a fleet of satellites that are regularly collecting data to help us better understand and admire this little blue strange and mysterious planet.

For more information about #PictureEarth, click HERE.

To schedule an interview, fill out this form:

Location: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/ Greenbelt, MD

suggested questions
1. Why do we study Earth? What makes it different from other planets?
2. Can you talk about the different ways that NASA observes our planet from space?
3. NASA also observes Earth from the ground. Can you talk about some of your field and airborne campaigns?
4. How can our viewers participate in #PictureEarth?
5. Where can we learn more about our little blue planet?

satellite coordinates

HD Satellite Coordinates for G17-K18/Lower:
Galaxy 17 Ku-band Xp 18 Slot Lower| 91.0 ° W Longitude | DL 12051.0 MHz | Vertical Polarity | QPSK/DVB-S | FEC 3/4 | SR 13.235 Mbps | DR 18.2954 MHz | HD 720p | Format MPEG2 | Chroma Level 4:2:0 | Audio Embedded

Questions?? Contact or 301-286-0918

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