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  • Released Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is honored to welcome His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on Wednesday, May 3. As part of a royal technology mission, His Majesty will be accompanied by His Excellency Björn Lyrvall – Swedish ambassador to the United States – as well as members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Founded in 1919 by His Majesty’s great-grandfather King Gustaf V, the academy is the oldest of its kind in the world, promoting contact and exchange among businesses, research institutions and government organizations in Sweden and abroad.

Since ascending to the throne in 1973, His Majesty has been an avid supporter of science and engineering, serving as the lead patron for several organizations – including the academy – across Sweden. At his request, the academy has organized the overseas royal technology mission every one to two years since 1984 to study the science and business climate of other nations. This year, the academy’s leadership has chosen to visit the United States, and we are proud they have selected Goddard as one of the destinations.

Click for STILL IMAGES from his visit to Goddard.

Link to James Webb Space Telescope presentation by Dr. John Mather.
Link to aurora in Sweden presentation by Dr. Holly Gilbert.
Link to Earth science presentation by Dr. Compton Tucker.

Links to Goddard Space Flight Center Biographies:
Christopher Scolese - GSFC Center Director.
George Morrow - GSFC Deputy Center Director.
Dr. Christyl Johnson - Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments
Dr. John Mather
Dr. Compton Tucker
Astronaut Kay Hire

Link to additional Biographies Supporting King of Sweden Visit on May 3, 2017.

Building 28 – Hyperwall Presenters
Dr. John Mather – Astrophysics and JWST
Dr. Compton Tucker Earth Science JWST
Dr. Holly Gilbert – Heliophysics
Dr. Alex Young - Heliophysics

Building 28 – Atrium Presenters
Dr. Melissa Trainer – SAM Science Team Member **
Charles Malespin – SAM Deputy Principal Investigator and Operations & Test bed Lead

Building 29 – High Bay Presenters
Catherine Peddie – WFIRST Deputy Project Manager
James Pontius – GEDI Project Manager
Bryan Blair – GEDI Deputy Principal Investigator

Building 29 – Robotic Oprations Center Presenters
Benjamin Reed - Deputy Director, Satellite Servicing Project Division
Brian Roberts - Robotic Operations Manager

Building 3 – HST Operations Presenters
Jim Jeletic - Deputy Project Manager, Hubble Space Telescope
Dr. John Grunsfeld - Godddard Emeritus Scientist and Astronaut

Building 13 – Network Integration Center Presenters
Bob Menrad - Associate Director for Exploration & Space Communications
David Carter - Associate Director for Exploration & Space Communications
Dr. Lisa Mazzuca – Search & Rescue Manager


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