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GLOBE at Cedar Grove Elementary School

The Washington Post’s head meteorologist Jason Samenow meets elementary students collecting weather data.

The third and fourth grade students at Cedar Grove Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland, worked for several months with Dorian Janney, a NASA education and communications specialist with the GPM mission. They collected weather data using GLOBE atmosphere protocols, and compared their data and data from the National Weather Service to see if they could find any impacts from the El Nino on their weather over a three-month period.

They participated in the GLOBE Virtual Science Fair, and also got a chance to invite Jason Samenow to come and let them present their poster to him. Jason also gave a presentation to the school¹s upper grades on the causes and effects of weather, and explained why we need satellite data to help us both predict and study Earth's weather rand climate.

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Lead Videographer:
John Caldwell (AIMM)

Dorian W. Janney (ADNET)
Joy Ng (USRA)
Ryan Fitzgibbons (USRA)

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